Who Cares? A Newsletter for Caring Pastors and Educators  —  Vol. 2/No. 2  —  August 2012

A Student-led Movement on Adventist College Campuses

Eliel Cruz-Lopez

By Eliel Cruz-Lopez

The Intercollegiate Adventist Gay-Straight Alliance Coalition (IAGC) is a student-led organization founded in the spring of 2012. On June 16-18 the IAGC had our first annual summit meeting to discuss, plan, and implement strategies on our campuses. Our goal is simple: To bridge the gap between our Seventh-day Adventist faith-based institutions and the LGBTQ students who are in attendance. 

We are creating a network of official and unofficial gay-straight alliances from different Adventist campuses to provide resources, programs, and support for each campus individually as well to the higher education system itself. Plans include yearly programs and events including a mission trip, educational scholarships, and educational tools and resources.

Adventist education is incredibly important to all of us, both academically and spiritually. It is the church’s chief source of future leaders and the venue for spiritual, moral, social, and intellectual growth for its youth. In this crucial environment of growth many students are highly motivated to insure that their LGBTQ peers are given the same respect and opportunity as any other student. 
Currently the IAGC has members from Pacific Union College, Andrews University, Walla Walla University, La Sierra University, and Southern Adventist University, with more campuses soon to follow.

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Eliel Cruz-Lopez is a second-generation Adventist, currently pursuing dual degrees in international business and French at Andrews University. Eliel hopes to pursue a law degree at New York University of Law and work in international humanitarian efforts. He is the current president of the Intercollegiate Adventist Gay-Straight Alliance Coalition (IAGC).

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